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Ona Star
Wishing On a Star
We had the chance and blessing to know a tiny Rottweiler with a heart as big as they come. Her life had been filled with humanity...Read More

A Journey To Life
Frigid winter rain pelted the pup. He was cold, so very cold. He was scared, hungry, confused. Where was home? Where was his mom? He thought about how nice it would be to cuddle up by her side...Read More

Sara Jean
Voiceless Victim
The lab mix puppy flew with a thud to the floor from the brutal kick. She crawled back in puppy submission to apologize for some unknown infraction...Read More

Her Broken Heart
They had Mickey her whole life. They were her family, her support, and her world. She did nothing wrong. She was left behind. Mickey did not stop loving her humans...Read More

Tree Farm Puppies
A phone call came to R.E.D., concerning 3 Hound/Lab Mix puppies, seen dumped at a remote tree farm. R.E.D. was unable to rescue them because the farm was gated, closed...Read More

In Our Hands
Gibson, a handsome Shepherd Mix, was out wandering through a neighborhood lost, lonely and hungry... 
Read On

Nicholas's Gift
This is Nicholas's moments after we got him to the vets. He was in a coma. His heart rate was 20 beats per minute... Read On

BAC's, Officer Olson, headed to the scene. What she found was a scared, sick, frightened Rottweiler. She instantly knew what was wrong and was fill with the rage... Read On

Lucky Pup
A nice man spotted his tiny body lying in the road and rescued him from certain death. He was hypothermic from being soaking wet in the frigid cold... Read On

Woo Woo Woo
The food and water brought to him lay untouched, an untreated eye infection etched away at his remaining sight. His world turning darker and darker... Read On
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