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About Us: Our Mission, Who We Are, Special RED Achievements and Contact Us
Our Mission
Who We Are
RED Achievements
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Our Mission

R.E.D. (Rescue Every Dog) is a support group for shelter workers and exceptional animals in need in public animal shelters.

R.E.D. is commited to saving the lives of exceptional dogs and other companion animals. We seek to save animals that have been referred to us due to their exceptional personalities and temperaments by shelter workers, animal control officers or vet staff who have seen these special animals potential. We seek to save exceptional animals in good health or in need of correctable medical assistance or treatment.

 Aussie pup rescued by R.E.D.The many shelters we assist with this support do not have the necessary staff or funding to provide adequate space, medical care and adoption capability for the number of animals they receive. Saving highly adoptable companion animals that are to be euthanized in such shelters is R.E.D.'s top priority. We also assist ownerless adoptable companion animals, which are in high-risk situations due to no fault of their own, and medically needy adoptable companion animals.

For the exceptional animals we rescue, we provide the safe haven of home foster care, medical care, and spay/neutering while our volunteers seek loving lifetime homes for them. Some of the animals in high-risk euthanasia situations that we are unable to foster can receive assistance from R.E.D. Alert, which publicizes their plight and searches for alternate rescue solutions via the internet.

Tiami educating children about animal abuse and neglet.R.E.D. is committed to education on spay/neuter benefits and the prevention of animal abuse and neglect. R.E.D. volunteers provide education and community support on such topics as the benefits of spay/neuter, re-homing advice and assistance, and prevention of animal abuse and neglect.

Donations to R.E.D. are used to pay the direct costs of R.E.D.'s animal care, placement and promotion. R.E.D. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, and donations to R.E.D. are tax-deductible.

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