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Tree Farm Puppies
--Written by Tiami L. Coleburg

The night of December 4th, a phone call came to R.E.D., concerning 3 Hound/Lab Mix puppies, about 7 pounds, 9 weeks old, seen dumped at a remote tree farm in Kitsap County. R.E.D. was unable to rescue them because the farm was gated, closed and it looked like the pups would have to wait till morning.These puppies had no shelter or food and would probably not survive the 31 degree night and the possibility of wild animals hunting them. Unable to stand the thought of the abandoned pups freezing to death, as the rain turned to snow, RED's director began making calls. Finally reaching a party that owned the land. We told them RED would not wait till morning, we were going in the gate after the pups. Armed with flashlights and canned food, we set off on the long dark road to find the tiny pups in the freezing rain and snow. We all prayed we could locate them so they would not freeze to death or worse.

NoelThe pups were finally found in the darkness. I am sure we did not look to them like their rescuers. They just saw big scary monsters, crashing around, chasing them in the dark and the rain. So, catching them was a real task. A long four hours later, three cold hungry puppies and tired R.E.D. rescuers returned to the comforting sight of home. Everyone received good food and warm beds. They were very shy and needed patient foster homes to work them through to their new lives. The tri colored male was named Noble and he was the bravest. The littlest one was very shy and needed extra attention. We named her Noel. The third pup was the brightest and she watched everything with intense interest. She was named Holly. The horrible people that left these pups to die in the cold darkness of that Christmas tree farm and the wonderful people that came forward to save and support them, during a season that should be about caring and love, gave new meaning to, "A puppy under the Christmas tree."
Special thanks to Molly and Ellen for braving the cold with me, to save these lives. Thank you to, the Andersen family, Hazel, Wyn, Lisa and Katie for fostering these babies. They have come along way and now know that people can indeed be kind. They learned this with the loving support of home foster care. Where the families give their hearts and homes to the once unwanted lives of our world. The safe haven of foster care is the loving place of passage to the forever homes in their future. Noel, Holly and Noble have all been adopted to their forever homes.
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