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Personal Stories
R.E.D. Tributes

A Parting
The following story is dedicated to our beloved Rottweilers and the breed we have come to love and respect. With Love Tiami, Michael and Shayla Rose ...Read On

Our Dear Elsie Catherine
For you are finally home and you finally got to wear that party dress you put away so many times...Read More

Our Spirit
A couple found this little being muddy, wet and blood covered while hiking. They wrapped him up in a temporary cocoon made out of a shirt. They then started the hike back for help...Read More

Officer Buddy
Little Willie
We have lost our beloved Willie. He was rescue Dachshund that came to our family 15 years ago. He and his brother Max spent everyday of their lives, side by side... Read On

Officer Buddy
Officer Buddy
Our thoughts of Buddy are mixed with sadness and pride. Bremerton Police Department's K-9 Officer Buddy gave his life while protecting human officers and the public from gun fire... Read On

Last Gift
Last Gift My friend, can it be so many years have past... Read On

Jordon and Tessa
Tiny Dancer
Awakened by the faint glow of morning, it draws me back from the night... Read On

We promised to find him another home, but he chose to stay with us... Read On

In Memory
Rescue Memorial

You've left us now with empty arms...but you filled our hearts with love... Read On
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