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Voiceless Victim
--Written by Tiami L. Coleburg

Driving down a street, the homes all look similar. They have the same general exterior. The walls of the homes and the lives living within are often the only ones that know of the violent storms that rage with in. This storm is domestic violence. The dark cloud that fills the violent offender often erupts on the most innocent of lives. These acts of cruelty and cowardice are meant to render the victims with speech to silence. For the beings with no speech they are indeed the easiest of victims.

The lab mix puppy flew with a thud to the floor from the brutal kick. She crawled back in puppy submission to apologize for some unknown infraction she felt she must have made. Her assailant, her owner, raise his steel toed booted foot into the air and smashed it down on her small body. The tiny bones snapped under the assault. He left her laying there and returned to his human victims.

Flashing lights and loud noises brought strange people through the doors of the house that this little one knew as her home. Gentle uniformed arms scooped her up and rushed her to safety. R.E.D. was called to get the pup the life saving care she needed. I was paged during an evening meeting and left to see if we could help. I knew immediately she was seriously injured and in great pain. I picked the three and half month old puppy up, in my arms. She raised her head, looked me in the eye and gently kissed my faced. She laid her head upon my shoulder and shied. I lost my heart to this forgiving little soul at that moment.

R.E.D. went into action to get this puppy the medical care and foster support she needed. She had very serious injuries. Among them, a badly shattered front leg and multiple broken ribs. We appealed to the public and were overwhelmed by the generosity and love that poured in for this little one we named Sara Jean.

Sara JeanWe are grateful to everyone that responded and forwarded her plight. Together we made it! We received enough pledges to reach our fundraising goal for, Sara Jean's, life saving surgery in just one day. The support and caring responses was up lifting for those of us shaken by this brutal cruelty case. Sara Jean says, "Thank you for letting me run and play again soon!" Thank you to the responding Animal Control Officer and Police Officers that helped Sara Jean. Special thanks to Tim and Heather, Hazel, Joyce, and Dr. Johnson. Through the power and kindness of many, we have made a difference to a innocent life. The world looks a little brighter, because of all of you. For Sara Jean the world is full of sunshine and love now. She is still recovering and will be ready for her forever home soon. She needed to us to give her a chance once more at life and a home of love and safety and that need has nearly been met.

The prosecuting attorney is pursuing the case against Sara Jean's assailant and abuser. We hope that justice will be served in this case. Let us not allow persons of violence to claim victory, over and on, innocent lives.

To Sara Jean, You are a brave and gentle girl. May the storm that was your life be over and via the goodness of strangers, you be embraced into the calm of the loving home, you always deserved...
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