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Her Broken Heart
--Written by Tiami L. Coleburg

People say, "You cannot die from the sadness of a broken heart." Generally this is followed by the phrase," time heals all wounds." Like many, life has brought me to know the heart gripping pain, when fate steals away, a love and a dream, more important to you than yourself. Emotions we assign to the heart, which are powered by our minds truly determine our life, love and our very survival. Happy emotions are to our lives, like food and water. Grief and loss are the emotions of a desert drought. I do not believe it is really time that heals all wounds, but what happens with in that time. For many of us, it is the support of the love you stand upon with friends and family that heal those wounds and softens the grip of the pain holding that wounded heart. For some, the emotional pain is too much, when the floor we have trusted as safe to stand on all our lives, is quickly snatch from beneath us. I know that it is the same for many other animals that walk the earth. Our canine companions are no exception. They know emotions and feel happiness, love and grief….

R.E.D. Rescue Every Dog and Wenatchee Valley Humane Society joined forces to save the life a very special dog. Her name is Mickey. The pictures of her tell the tale better than words. The first photo is of Mickey when her family dropped her off at the Wenatchee Valley Humane Shelter. They moved out of state and could not take her, or Panda, her canine friend, with them due to housing problems. They had Mickey her whole life. They were her family, her support, and her world. She did nothing wrong. She was left behind because human needs and goals were more important than she was. Mickey did not stop loving her humans; she still waited for their return. Mickey perhaps just loves too deeply and is too sensitive to have healed her broken heart alone. The second photo is of Mickey after a few weeks at the shelter. This beautiful dog became a mere shadow of her former physical self. Each day a little bit of her faded away.

MickeyHere is what the shelter staff and volunteers said about her." This is the nicest, sweetest dog; she is literally falling apart at the shelter from stress, and sadness. She has lost a lot of weight and is all ribs and is very depressed. She cannot cope with living at the shelter and has to leave. Mickey is a 4-year-old, female, 45-pound, German Shepherd mixed breed. She is petite and has a delicate and graceful frame. Her small, sweet, soft face is captivating. She is simply delightful, with an affectionate, quiet, mellow personality. She loves to be cuddled and petted. She is good with kids and other dogs at the shelter. The vets have checked Mickey and say she is simply not eating because she is sad. Mickey is very bright and knows basic commands like sit, stay and come. She adores walks. Volunteers love to share time with this dog and always go to get her first. This girl just a sweet heart and has captured the hearts of volunteers and staff at the shelter."

After her best friend, Panda, was adopted, which left her completely alone at the shelter, Mickey's situation became even more urgent. She had to go to a home environment as soon as possible. It was apparent to all that had come to care about this soft, gentle soul, that she would only survive her broken heart, if she were healed by love. Rescue Every Dog sent out a plea for her life to the public, via the RED Alert Rescue Email Chain. The response was amazing and heartwarming. Within 24 hours we had received 167 offers of loving homes or foster care for her. Mickey seemed to best match a RED foster home in Western Washington. They had recently lost one of their beloved dogs to cancer. So they were looking for a way to honor that loss with another dog. This would help them heal their sadness in that devastating loss. The arrangements were quickly made and Mickey was on her way to the support and love of the Trotland family.

This gentle dog was grieving the loss of her family. I found it particularly sad that she almost did not survive, because she loved the family that left her behind too much. The efforts of many good people saved her and gave her a new chance at life and happiness. Mickey survived her broken heart, for she was healed with the love.
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