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--Written By Tiami Coleburg

Frightened and alone, the little Pekingnese huddled in the corner of a kennel in the City Animal Shelter. The food and water brought to him lay untouched, an untreated eye infection etched away at his remaining sight. His world turning darker and darker as the longest, and most likely the last, 72 hours of his 6 year life ticked painfully by. Current law dictates the City Shelter hold the injured little dog for the 72 hour period to see if someone would claim him. Sadly, animal control officers knew by the little dog's dirty, matted coat and the serious eye trauma that this would be unlikely and the reduction in city funding to animal control would mean no medical treatment was available to save the life of this little fellow. A hopeful officer makes a call: Instead of death, hour 72 brings loving arms that scoop up and surround the little Pek. He can no longer see the one who cradles him against her heart but the soft voice of a R.E.D. Alert Rescuer whispers, "Don't worry we will save you, you will be alright".

Because of donations that paid for his medical care, combined with the loving hands and hearts of the R.E.D. Alert Rescuers, that little Pekinese is now a healthy, loving companion to his foster family. He romps and plays, occasionally letting out his unique bark, "woo woo woo", which earned him the name Charlie Woo.
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