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Get Involved: Fostering, Volunteer, RED Events and donations
Foster Care

About R.E.D. Foster Program
Puppy picked up by animal control that R.E.D. rescued.R.E.D. relies on foster homes to care for and nurture the companion animals R.E.D. rescues. R.E.D. has no shelter facility. Foster companion animals come in all breeds, sizes and ages; some already have obedience training, others don't. We try to make fostering a happy experience for both the foster family and the foster animal by matching the animal with a foster home that can meet its needs.

Kitties that R.E.D. rescued and are now in a loving foster home.R.E.D. foster families provide: food, collar, leash, ID tag, flea treatment (if needed), toys, an indoor bed, secure confinement whenever outside the foster home, and LOVE. Donated pet food and supplies when available, are given to our foster families for our foster animals. Many foster families also work with their foster dogs to enhance the dog's obedience skills. R.E.D. volunteer veterinarians provide essential medical care for the foster animals, such as spay or neuter, and recuperative care. Some foster families provide special-needs foster care for recuperating and injured foster animals.

If you are interested in saving lives of adoptable companion animals by providing a dog or cat a safe haven until R.E.D. volunteers locate a permanent home for the animal, please email:
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