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Get Involved: Fostering, Volunteer, RED Events and Donations
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R.E.D. Volunteer Highlights

Warm Woofies and Cozy Cats
Meleigha laying on a lot of blankets!Meet Junior R.E.D. volunteer, Meleigha. She wanted the dogs and cats to have warm comfortable beds. So she organized a "Warm Woofies & Cozy Cats Blanket Drive" for dogs and cats in shelters and foster care. So far, she has gathered over 225 blankets and towels to keep homeless dogs and cats comfortable and warm. She organized this drive in her school and church. Good work, Meleigha!

Many rural shelters do not have the finances to purchase supplies like: blankets, leashes, collars, toys and treats for the companion animals in their care. The dogs and cats often sleep on hard cage floors. Our goal is to supply used blankets and towels to every rural shelter that wants their homeless companion animals to have this comfort, but cannot afford to purchase dog and cat beds. R.E.D. volunteers organize "Warm Woofies and Cozy Cats" blanket drives. R.E.D. blanket drives are a great way to help R.E.D. save lives. Pet-supply drives can be organized in workplaces, community centers, churches and clubs.

If you are interested in organizing a Warm Woofies & Cozy Cats Blanket Drive, please email

Educational Outreach: Changing the future

Educational Outreach Team
Tiami educating students about animal rescueThe outreach team has been busy in the community. We participated in the writing awareness days in the North Kitsap School District. The theme of the event was "How I use writing." R.E.D. Director, Tiami Coleburg was invited to be a main speaker at this exciting event. Tiami shared many of her rescue stories and experiences. It was a perfect opportunity to educate children about many aspects of animals-rescue work and highlight the importance of proper care and spay/neuter of their pets.R.E.D. Doggie Charlie WooAmbassador "Charlie Woo" accompanied Tiami at the event. Charlie Woo, like the children, enjoyed the time together.

If you would like to read the stories shared with the children that day, including Charlie Woo's, go to R.E.D Stories!

R.E.D. Volunteer Opportunities

Transport of R.E.D. companion animals is one of the most essential parts of our program. All over Washington, companion animals need transportation from shelters to safehaven or medical care. Rides are needed to and from vet clinics and fosterhomes. Donated supplies, like food, blankets, collars, crates need to be collected and delivered to shelters and foster homes in need of those items.

Foster Homes
Foster care is the lifeblood of R.E.D.'s animal-rescue program. Foster families provide a safe haven until their foster animal is adopted. Mixed breed and breed specific foster homes are needed.

For information about foster care and becoming a foster home click here!

R.E.D. cannot continue to operate without continuous donations from generous individuals and businesses. Volunteers are needed to solicite donations from businesses and foundations, create and implement fundraising mailings, and organize fundraising events. Junior R.E.D. volunteers too can help by maintaining donation cans at local stores.

Educational Outreach
Through education today we can change the future. R.E.D. Education Outreach volunteers present programs to schools and organizations on animal rescue work, proper animal care and spay and neuter. See Volunteer Highlights above for an example of R.E.D.'s educational outreach.

R.E.D. Breed Representatives
R.E.D. needs breed representatives to advocate for a specific breed of dog or cat. Breed representatives assist R.E.D. dogs/cats of their specific breed in many ways, such as publicizing the R.E.D. dog in purebred rescue networks, partnering with R.E.D. Adoption Coordinators to expand the search for foster and adoption opportunities, and educating and assisting adopters about the breed's special needs and capabilities.

Junior R.E.D Volunteers
Junior R.E.D. is a way for minors to help in the battle to save and comfort the companion animals in Washington shelters and foster care.
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