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Get Involved: Fostering, Volunteer, RED Events and Donations
Donations and wishlist


Your Donations Can Make a Difference between Life and Death for Homeless and Shelter Animals

Thelma at the Bremerton Animal Shelter.Love is not all it takes to save the innocent lives that come in to our care. Donations make it possible to keep this rescue operation afloat. All donations to R.E.D. are used to pay the direct costs of R.E.D.'s animal care, placement, promotion, education and support. Financial donations are tax deductible. R.E.D. is a nonprofit 501c)(3) organization, and donations to R.E.D. are tax-deductible.

If you would like to assist us in the continuing the fight to save innocent lives, mail your tax deductible donation to:

Rescue Every Dog
Adminstrative Services
P.O. Box 1741
Kingston, Wa 98346

Phone 360-779-5775

Making a donation via Pay Pal is also available. Please, email us for more information on Pay Pal donations.If you need assistance with making your donation or would like additional information please email R.E.D. Adoption Support Services at:

Give a Gift Wishlist

Wishlist Urgent Needs Wishlist
  • Digital cameras
  • Gift prepaid Phone Cards and Gas cards
  • Clippers / blades# 10
  • Grooming supplies
  • Clean blankets and sheets
  • Leashes and Collars
  • Kennels
  • Crates
  • Quality Dog Food
  • Puppy Formula
  • Treats and Toys
  • Most office supplies
  • Digital Cameras:
    Photos are one of the critical components of saving these needy animals lives. We are in urgent need of additional cameras. So we can show all the "Faces that deserve places."

  • Leashes and Collars of all sizes
  • Cat Litter - clumping and non clumping
  • Canned and Dry Cat Food
  • Cat Condo Roll Away Cages
  • Gift prepaid Phone Cards and Gas cards
  • Flea Treatment Frontline and Advantage for Dogs, Cats, Puppies and Kittens
If you would like to make a Wish list Gift Donation email R.E.D. adoption support services at:

Wishing On A Star
The Ona Star Gift for Life Sponsor Program

We had the chance and blessing to know a tiny Rottweiler with a heart as big as they come. Her life had been filled with humanity that simply did not care...

Click here to read more about Ona Star's story and how you can help

Forest Fund
Providing Medical Care For Shelter Animals


Forest died for the lack of $3.40. Had this shelter routinely vaccinated on entry all dogs, this sad oversight and loss of life would not have happened. His bright future is now a painful memory for those that came to love him and dreamed of his chance at life. R.E.D. was to help the shelter find Forest a home. Instead, in his memory, let another live.

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