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NEXT EVENT Spring, 2007

Erin McKibbin Petersen Memorial Vaccine Clinic

We need vaccine sponsors and volunteers for this event.
Please, join us in a celebration of Erin's life and legacy. R.E.D. will be holding the 3nd annual vaccination clinic in Shelton, Washington on Spring, 2007. We would like to vaccinate 250 animals of low income residents this year. Please, help us save lives with vaccines. Special thanks to the City of Shelton Animal Shelter for help with this event.

If You Need Your Pet Vaccinated.                                                  The clinic will be held at the Shelton Animal Shelter, 902 W Pine Street date to be determined.  These are annual vaccines only and do not include the rabies shot.  The clinic will be run on a first come, first serve basis and once the vaccines are gone the clinic will close for the day.  Please, do not bring sick, injured or aggressive animals. If you need further information or would like to donate or volunteer for this event please call the Shelton animal shelter at 360-427-7503 or R.E.D. at 360-779-5775 go to 

More about Erin's life and this event Click here!

Please, help us continue to save lives. R.E.D. depends completely on your support and donations to keep these life saving missions going.
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Possible Events For R.E.D. Volunteers
The next, but not yet scheduled event will be a Volunteer training session on R.E.D. procedures and screening for successful adoptions. This event will be scheduled based on the interest of volunteers. If you are a R.E.D. Volunteer and are interested in attending, please, email .

R.E.D. Event Success

Ona StarWishing On A Star
We had the chance and blessing to know a tiny Rottweiler with a heart as big as they come. Her life had been filled with humanity that simply did not care. Her origin was probably a back yard breeder to start. Her confirmation is not anything that should have been reproduced. Yet, she was not spayed and each year of her life she had puppies. Some of these were for profit and the last litter one was just a mistake. She found herself abandoned with her eight mixed breed puppies in a shed. She was and is a good momma to her babies.

Click here to read more about Ona Star's story and how you can help.

Protecting Those, That Protect Us

HELP K-9 Officers in need of Protection

Brave K-9 Officer Bear, R.E.D. created the K-9 Buddy Fund, a temporary fund raising event to purchase bullet and stab proof jackets and other safety equipment for K-9 Police Officers in memory of Buddy. May the tragic loss of Buddy bring something good to the K-9 Officers who selflessly serve to protect our brave officers and our communities. Thank you, Buddy, for the service you gave to mankind and for helping to save the life of another fine Bremerton Police Officer. You will be missed and your sacrifice shall not be forgotten. Rest in peace Brave Boy.

Click here to read more about Buddy's story.

Click here to meet some of the K-9 Officers the Buddy Fund helped.

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