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R.E.D. Stories

Tiny Dancer
--Written By Tiami Coleburg

Tessa and JordonAwakened by the faint glow of morning,
  it draws me back from the night.
There I stood inside a vision,
  another time and place.
Upon a stage of river rock,
  you danced along the flowing water.

You pirouette in perfect time
  with your friend's familiar stride,
  the man we've shared these years.
Together you create a dance of joy,
  so happy just to be.

He rises, facing the coming day,
  now mixing with the dark of night.
In the rising veil of light, we see
  that of which we can not speak,
  our dancing girl is gone.

One more journey for our girl,
  a tribute for all you gave,
  your faith, your love, your joy.
Today we'll take you in our hearts,
  to that time and place.
We stand alone at the waters edge,
  to wash away our pain,
We bring you back a river rock,
  a tiny dancing stage.

This poem was written after the loss of our Tessa. The day after her death we returned to the place she had learned to swim and spent many hours hiking along the rivers edge with us. The river rock still sits upon her tiny grave. Somewhere in time I believe she still dances by that river.

We love you Tessa.
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