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R.E.D. Stories

Last Gift
--Written By Tiami Coleburg

Dedicated to Tessa
This poem was created during our last moments together on earth.

Tessa's Last GiftMy friend,
  can it be so many years have past?
How could parting have come so fast?
For this day arrives to soon.
Lying in my familiar arms,
  your comforting cocoon,
  so tired, you give a tiny sigh.
Cradled to my aching heart,
  a little loving soul,
  afloat within a feeble vessel,
  that can no longer pay life's toll.

Sweet face to tear stained cheek,
  I take in your warm breathe with mine.
Emotions pull and tear,
  at the fragile mask,
  I've sought to wear.
Concealing doubts and fears,
  they who'd have me weak,
  adding burden, to what you bravely bare.
Preforming gently one last task,
  you wash away my silent tears.

Seeking answers, my mind does ask
Do you feel my pain,
  from this all to soon goodbye?
Do you sense my fear,
  this is just not right?
Do I play God's part this night,
  in your time brought battle?

I look deep into your eyes.
Once they wore such brilliant earthy color,
  now faded at the hands of time,
  shaded by a veil of pain.
But your gift,the light of love,
  still brightly shines within.
It reaches to my heart and soul
  with a message, so very clear.

"What is God, but love.
With us there is only love.
Now do you feel, he stands quite near.
For love has brought us here."

Softly I whisper,
  "We love you, my friend.
  I know you can not stay.
  This is not the end,
    we'll meet on this trail someday.
  Yes Little one, we'll be alright.
  Now run,
    you run into the trail of light."

A little loving soul, gently slipped away.
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