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About Us: Our Mission, Who We Are, Special RED Achievements and Contact Us
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Who We Are

R.E.D. is staffed by many caring, dedicated volunteers who provide transportation, medical care, home foster care, and training for the animals R.E.D. assists. R.E.D. volunteers also provide education and community support on such topics as the benefits of spay/neuter, re-homing advice and assistance, and prevention of animal abuse and neglect.

Rescue Every Dog's
Officers, Directors and the Board of Directors

Tiami and NicolasMeet Tiami Coleburg

Tiami is one of the founders and current Executive Director and a Board of Directors Member of Rescue Every Dog. Her previous professional work back ground was in facilities planning and design, management and marketing. She showed, trained and handled many canine breeds in competition for many years. She also has owned, trained and ridden equines for the majority of her life. She was the Adoption Director at the former Bremerton Animal Control. She brought that facility from an approximate 10% adoption rate to a 95% placement rate on adoptable animals. Though, she has been involved in animal rescue work the majority of her life. It was during this time she became keenly aware of the heartbreak for shelter workers and felt the need to offer them another solution to help the animals they bond with but are unable to save in their own shelter. Tiami's desire to work with others, her broad experience with animals, combined with her energetic, consistent commitment and passion for R.E.D.'s mission has allowed R.E.D. to support the hearts and minds of shelter workers and save thousands of companion animal lives. Her favorite breed is the highly intelligent Rottweiler. She is pictured above with Little Nicholas of our most amazing R.E.D. rescues. You can see his story on RED Legends.


Meet Patty Govoni
Patty Govoni is the current President of the Board of Directors of R.E.D. Patty is R.E.D.'s Poodle and Rottweiler caseworker. She is a dedicated volunteer with a great understanding of these breeds. She values their intelligence and breed qualities. She has been with R.E.D. since 1999 and has been there for the program whenever needed. Patty shares her life with husband Greg and her beloved dogs. Patty is in the below picture with R.E.D. dog, Miles.


Meet Meghan Bjornson
Meghan Bjornson is the current Vice President of the Board of Directors of R.E.D. Meghan brings her amazing people and coordination skills with her to everything she does. She has a true gift for photography, which she uses to help companion animals shine in their best light. She is a member of Hearts Speak, and has been featured in many locations such as the Hallmark channel, and AQHA. Her photography business is known as Two Red Dogs Photography. She grew up riding horses, and her equine skills brought her all the way to competing in Worlds. She is a part of R.E.D.'s rescue and equine teams, she fosters, and donates her time to transport and photograph animals. She has opened her heart, farm, and family up to the world of rescue.


Meet Linda Johannessen
Linda Johannessen is the current Secretary Treasurer of R.E.D. as well as a long time volunteer and adoption caseworker. She became involved with R.E.D. when she adopted a R.E.D. dog named Yuri years ago. Linda got more and more involved in rescue, starting out doing transports and home visits. She then began volunteering in the R.E.D. office along with serving as a caseworker and foster mom. Her office duties not only include assisting with the mountain of paperwork that is generated by a nonprofit but also includes such benefits as frequent puppy kisses. Unfortunately, Linda lost Yuri in 2005, however she has since aopted and fostered many dogs from R.E.D.. Linda particularly loves boxers and boxer mixes but has also shared her home with an Alaskan Malamute and a standard poodle, so she is an equal opportunity dog lover. Linda's professional background includes 5 years of military service as a human relations officer and 26 years of federal service as a civil rights investigator. She retired at the beginning of 2005 and has been able to devote much more time to R.E.D.'s life saving mission.

Meet Michael Paddock
Michael Paddock is a current R.E.D. noard member and volunteer. Michael is R.E.D.'s go to guy for man power. He is the fix it guy, the build it guy, the transport guy, the trouble shooter, the foster guy, techno guy, and so much more. One of the longest standing volunteers, he has made R.E.D. possible for over 20 years. He also brings a kind and compassionate communication to the healing process for the animals to come through R.E.D.'s doors. He is never afraid to help, even with the most difficult of cases.

Meet Deana Daniels
Deana Daniels is a current R.E.D. board member and volunteer. She began volunteering with R.E.D. when she saw a R.E.D. Alert for a sweet GSD-BC cross named Tanna in the summer of 2002. Deana decided to foster Tanna with R.E.D. and soon Tanna won a permanent home in the Daniel's household. She was renamed Cassie. Deana and husband Barry, share their home with their beautiful adopted rescue dogs. For over twenty years Deana specialized in Welsh Corgi rescues but in 2000 she moved from Seattle to Bremerton where she had more room to adopt bigger dogs. Her favorite breed is the GSD German Shepherd Dog, but she still has a soft spot for the Corgi breed and all dogs. Deana's professional background includes over twenty five years of Certified Public Accounting experience in the USA and internationally and she currently does the accounting for R.E.D. as part of her volunteer commitment to the organization. Deana's dedicated volunteerism and guidance is truly an asset in the daily administrative requirements and needs of R.E.D and our lifesaving mission.


Meet Some of Our Dedicated Staff and Volunteers

Meet Jeremy Bjornson
Jeremy Bjornson is the type of volunteer that is always there when you need him. He is one of R.E.D.'s foster homes, and a part of the R.E.D. equine team. He is also the rock behind Meghan Bjornson, always there to help with whatever new crazy photo idea she has. He is skilled with equines and canines, and participates with his dogs in Dock Dogs. He is one of R.E.D.'s most trustworthy volunteers, and he brings a calm and compassionate aura with him wherever he goes.

Meet Shayla Paddock
Shayla Paddock has spent her life serving in rescue. She is a R.E.D. Senior Caseworker. She is one of R.E.D.'s most active and versatile volunteers. She brings a broad array of talents to R.E.D. She can shape shift jobs from producing amazing photography, to computer, internet, and administrative support, to greeting and educating the public at outreach, to rabbit meet and greet wrangling, to the duties with our equine rescue team, and more. She has been hands on in some of the toughest of rescues R.E.D. has experienced, and always brings her A-game to the job when an animal is in need. Outside of her rescue work, Shayla loves spending time with her horses, reading, writing, and listening to and making music.

Meet Lynette Elliot
Lynette Elliot became a dedicated volunteer with R.E.D. after a R.E.D. Alert in March of 2002 reached her via email. This R.E.D Alert spurred her into action with R.E.D. and our mission to save shelter animals lives and the hearts of the shelter worker. She has since volunteered her efforts to serving as a R.E.D. shelter liaison, case working, fostering, transport and administration support to help R.E.D. save the lives of many homeless animals. Her favorite breed is the very independent Chow, with all other breeds running a close second. Lynette's professional work back ground is in administrative systems and customer relations. These skills combined with her dedicated volunteerism and ability to work enthusiastically and cohesively with a team atmosphere make her a strong leader for the R.E.D. Corporation and our non profit life saving mission.

Meet Hazel Bellinger
Hazel Bellinger became a volunteer with R.E.D. after a Bremerton Animal Control officer asked if she would be interested in fostering a mother dog with a litter of pups in the spring of 2001. In October she took on three one week old kittens from Shelton Animal Control and has since devoted most of her time to recruiting other foster families and serving as the caseworker for a large number of the R.E.D. cats and kittens as well as providing transports and fostering a number of special needs adult dogs. Hazel's professional work back ground is in emergency services communication. These skills combined with her dedicated volunteerism and ability to work tirelessly and cohesively within a team atmosphere make her an asset to the R.E.D. Corporation and our non profit life saving mission. Hazel is pictured below with the R.E.D. dogs Mary and Laura.

Meet Catrina Juday
Catrina is one of R.E.D.'s volunteer caseworkers. She has vast experience in working with humans and animals. She brings humor and compassion to her volunteer work and is a lively member of the team. She has a gift with animals and is companionate and focused on the well being of each animal that needs our help and care. Catrina shares her home with her husband, and her cats and dogs. 

Meet Jordan Andersen
Jordan has been a R.E.D. volunteer since 2003. He is R.E.D.'s Website and Technical Support Manager. He is always ready to develop or trouble shoot when a need arises. His skills and technical talents are crucial to R.E.D.'s life saving mission. He is a R.E.D. team player and loves a challenge. He has shared his life with animals and has a natural way with them. He is known for having every cat he meets love him. In his off time Jordan loves the outdoors and this leads him to his hobbies of camping, mountain biking and hiking. Jordan is also an incredible runner, and paticipates in marathons throughout the U.S., and even Europe. Jordan's vital volunteer work makes it possible for R.E.D. to reach a wider audience which has and will continue to save lives in need.

Meet Patrick Hickey
Patrick has been with R.E.D. since it began and is part of the R.E.D. transport team. He is a highly valued volunteer. He has driven more life saving transport miles than anyone else in the history of R.E.D. He is always ready to roll when a life is in peril. He and his wonderful wife Jennifer also have given the life saving gift of foster care to many, many animals in need. Many lives would have been lost with out his dedication to R.E.D.'s life saving mission. He shared his passion with his amazing wife Jennifer Hickey, who was also a dedicated R.E.D. volunteer and board member, until she lost her battle with cancer.

Meet Molly Kraft
Molly Kraft is one of R.E.D.'s talented volunteer photographers. She offers her gift of photography to help find homes for adoptable animaals. Her talent captures the personalities and innocence of each face to walk in her studio. Her photography business is called Molly Kraft Photography, and her page on Facebook features many memorable R.E.D. faces. She and her family have been the adoptive home of multiple R.E.D. dogs, and they have been incredibly loved and cared for.

Meet Jennifer Sutherland
Jennifer Sutherland is one R.E.D.'s long standing volunteers. She is one of R.E.D's amazing outreach coordinators, and has spent countless hours volunteering her time educating the public as to R.E.D.'s missions. She has also been integral in many of R.E.D.'s fundraising events. Call her up to ask for some help covering a time slot at a large or last minute outreach, and she will do all she can to make it happen. If you see her about at a R.E.D. table, make sure to say hello. She is sure to bring a kind attitude with her to every event.

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