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Border Collie
Breed Profile
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Border Collie Resources

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Rescue Adoption Sites and Contacts:

Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue:
Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue rescues Border Collies that spend time living in our homes along with our families and other dogs. They are house broken, crate trained, socialized, temperament tested, and taught general good manners.

Please contact Janet Legg for more information at:

Or you can visit their website at:

Informational Sites:
Find out all you ever wanted to know about Border Collies at the following Web Sites!British Columbia Border Collie rescue site with loads of infoBorder Collies come in these colors and varieties: Border Collies appearance and healthWhat is Hug Therapy?Fun Border Collie pictures:Janet Legg's personal website (new and under construction):Online Bulletin Boards and e-mail lists to join all about Border Collies:The United States Border Collie Club:The United State Border Collie Handlers Association Places to purchase great Border Collie things:American Border Collie Network:Border Collie Activities (Write to Janet Legg for local contacts):Lassie Collie vs. Border Collie (Collie rescue website):Australian Shepherd vs. Border Collie (Aussie rescue website):
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