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Ted needs Your Help!
The staff of a local shelter has sent out a plea for an adoptive home or foster home for Ted. He is a 2 year old male possibly a Husky /Border Collie mix. Ted has never had a good dog responsible home in his life and came to the shelter because he was left outdoors in a 20 x 30 kennel all the time and he would cry and bark because he was lonely and desperate for company. He is a friendly, playful, and active dog who gets along well with other dogs. He is quiet and content when he is with people and getting attention. He has a very strong prey drive so no cats or small animals. He loves with squeaky toys. He likes to chase balls or whatever you throw -we've started working on fetch. He is housebroken. Ted is a very cuddly dog. He likes to give nibbly kisses. He was in a short term foster care for 2 weeks and did very well.

How You Can Help
If you would like to foster or adopt Ted please email

Please join the RED Alert Rescue Chain and pass this to another. Life for Ted could be just one email away.

Gratefully yours,
Tiami L. Coleburg
R.E.D. Rescue Every Dog
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