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Get Involved: Fostering, Volunteer, RED Events and Donations
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Pet Care and Understanding

Portrait of Puppy
Housetraining Can Be Frustrating
It can be further complicated if we don't let our dogs know when we're pleased, if we expect too much of them or if we send our dogs the wrong signals... 
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Princess and Jodee
Fairy Tales of Children and Dogs

There is a lot of misconception in the world about children and dogs. Movies and television have shown us wonderful images of loyal, trustworthy, kid loving canines since we were children... Read On

Stupid Dog
Stupid Dog

It is a fact the vast majority of "stupid" dogs are labeled "stupid because they failed to live up to the unrealistic expectations of "owners" or perhaps "masters" that anthropomorphize... Read On

Training basics
Training Basics

The basic principles of dog training are the most important thing to keep in mind when you begin working with your dog... Read On
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