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Nicholas nowHi Tiami!

Nicholas graduated from obedience school last Thursday. He did pretty good. The instructor fell in love with him. Do I need to send you a copy of his certificate?

I haven't had him weighed in a while, but I think he is around 70 pounds. Dr. Reed said he won't get much bigger, so Nicholas will be small by Rottweiler standards. He is a very happy puppy and has a quirky personality. He likes to bring me things. One day he brought me a leaf, and put it on my lap. A few minutes later, he brought me the foot from his toy duck, and then a few minutes later, he brought me a hairball that my cat had just thrown up outside. I guess no gift is too good for me!

He and Sweetie play all day long. Sweetie is very graceful when she runs, especially when she darts in different directions to get away from Nicholas. Now Nicholas is like an elephant in a tutu. Absolutely no grace, but he sure does his best to keep up with her. It is so much fun watching them play. Sometimes when Sweetie is laying down chewing on a toy, Nicholas will get this surge of energy and will start to jump over her. Most of the time he ends up landing on her head or clumsily stumbles over her. He also does somersaults when they play.

I think he is mixed with feline because when we come home from work, he likes to walk in and out between our legs. He is great fun! I do have more pictures but I need to get them scanned. take care!

Connie & Nicholas

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