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Hi Everyone,Mandi

Mandi is one fabulous dog. She traveled really well on the ferry ride back to Edmonds and on the car ride to Bellevue. She spent much of the time with her head in my lap and I can say we bonded in less than 30 seconds. She is the sweetest most affectionate dog I've ever known. We just love her to pieces.

MandiMy husband is already calling her "Daddy's girl" even though he had nothing to do with the adoption process at all. She has won us all over. And Robert's new word this week is "Goggie". Mandi promptly rewarded him with lots of doggie kisses.

These pictures were taken Sunday night and as you can see, she settled right in. We were watching 60 minutes on TV when I remembered to take a few pictures.

Thanks so much for fostering Mandi and for picking us as her forever family. We'll be good to her I promise.

Laurie Robison

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