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Good Morning To Everyone...

Just a quick note to update you on our little girl..Athena has been renamed "Chessie" and she is adapting and responding well to her new name. Her big brother, Duncan, takes very good care of her, but does let her know when he has had enough of her rough- housing and puppy nibbles..She knows that he is the boss.. Our fat cat, Princess, has finally accepted the fact that Chessie is here to stay.. For a couple of days, Princess was "hiding" under the bed..she has now resumed her normal activities, but she too lets Chessie know when to knock off the puppy stuff!!

Chessie loves to help the "Dad" feed the goats.. She has discovered that it is great fun to jump up on the hay bales when the Dad is trying to load the hay for feeding.. She grabs mouthfuls of hay and prances around as if she is saying.."Look at me.. I'm a big girl helper too!!"

She is doing very good with the baby goats and is fascinated by them..She sticks her head through the fence and gives them "licks and kisses". She doesn't chase when one gets out, and is learning from her brother to be a Protector.. She has already developed a sense of ownership on the property and alerts and woofs when something doesn't seem right..

Duncan and ChessieShe and Duncan love to go for rides with the Dad in the "Gator" and all we have to do is start the engine and they both come running. She plays so hard during the day that after"suppers" she flops on her bed and is soon snoring!

She is sleeping in her "condo kennel" in the bedroom with us and lets us know when she has to go pottie...Early every morning she gets to join us in bed and has become a real "snuggle bunny"! She curls up on the Dad's neck and wants her tummy rubbed. There is a little competition with the brother and the kitty as to who gets the most attention. She has a voracious appetite and loves her "big boy and big girl" cookie treats too..She loves her freedom on our acreage and goes on "property patrol" with Duncan every day. She is just figuring out what deer are and is realizing that they belong here too. She has quickly become a full member of the Waggin'Wheel Ranch family and we love her to death!! We will try and keep you all posted on her progress and will try and send more pictures..Thank you all again for giving her a second chance and for helping us bring her into our family..

Pete & Cawnii

Just wanted to give you an update our Miss Chessie...
Thank you again so much for making an exception on letting her leave the Seattle area. See is our very special snuggly bunny who now weighs over 95 pounds...

My batteries died in my digital camera when we tried to take some pictures for you on her anniversary April 17th. She has been with us for a year now and we have been going around the house singing where is our annnnnaaaverrsareeee girl, and she thinks she is just so special. The last month or so she has really mellowed out and feels real happy living here at "the big boy house" and she acts like she finally knows this is HER home and she really is part of our family. Everything about her personality has changed.

We have a travel trailer now that we call it "Chessie's Chassie" and she really thinks she is hot stuff with having her own thing. Chessie, Duncan and Princess all are getting along great. She is loving springtime and enjoyed the winter. We just love her to death, it was alot of work but well worth it.

Here are some beautiful pictures of our baby girl...

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