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Hi Everyone,Banjo and Chris taking a walk

We can't thank you enough for bringing Banjo into our lives. We have been truely blessed! We can't imagine life without him nor can our cat Dominos! Dominos and Banjo have instantly became brothers. Banjo is always looking out for Dominos, and is alsways giving him lots of kisses (which Dominoes doesn't like much). They play hide and seek all the time. Dominos always win and I wonder if Banjo just always lets him win out of the goodness of his heart.

He is in great health and loves to eat…especially people food. Thank you for answering our calls about his health when we first adopted him…it was really hard in the beginning trying to get him to take his medicine, and to see the doctor…I think he was a little nervous still, but now he is totally trusting of us…we still need to work on getting him to trust the doctor a little more though! : )

Banjo is quite the character…he smiles all the time and loves to play. He is a gentle spirit and so relaxed in spite of all that he has gone through. He mostly just loves to be in the house stretched out on the couch, in peace, watching tv. We love to shower him with love and spoil him. He has many talents but one of our favorites is his singing. He loves to sing when my husband plays the harmonica or when an ambulance drives by! One time I was with Banjo in downtown Fremont and an ambulance drove by with it's sirens on…banjo just started howlin and howlin and howlin…people were laughing all over the place! It was sooo funny!

Banjo and DominosBanjo attends Dogs Day Out, a doggy day care in Ballard, three times a week where he has made a lot of friends(HE LOVES IT THERE), and we take him to doggy parks. We are still trying to teach him how to catch a ball… that has been very challenging thing with him. But he has learned many other tricks!

We are taking him on his first vacation next weekend, can't wait! We got a camper on the back of our truck and are trying to get him use to being back there rather than in the front seat! He feels left out if he isn't in the front seat : )

I think about how hard his life was before and my heart goes out to him. Thank you for rescueing him and giving him a second chance at life. He would not be on this earth if it were not for you all. What you do for our community and for the animals is amazing, and we will help all we can to spread the word about your wonderful organization! We can't thank you enough!

Peace and love,

Chris, Laura, Dominos, and most of all Banjo
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