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Hi Tiami and R.E.D.,

Balin and Brain Balin is doing great and is making progress everyday. I just love him and he went on his first camping trip last weekend to Anderson Island.......ferry ride, tent, campfire, kids, adults and everything that goes with. The company softball team fell in love with him too and he immediately became the mascot. If you get the photo it's a picture of a co-worker/team member feeding Balin a Milkbone by mouth. Something I started when I was demonstrating how gentle he was and then Brian decided to try it for himself.

I must also say that I make sure and explain his history when introducing the dog to others so they can proceed with caution, but you can see that he has come along way. The dog loves all the men I have introduced him to and jumps up, gives hugs, kisses, and wags his stumpy little tail to each of them. He has been accepted with open arms and it's been great for all of us.

Thanks for letting me be the one to give him a permanent home. Did I mention that he's a bed hog and snores really loud

:) Deanne & Balin

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