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Bethany is doing so well!!! Our vet said she was perfectly healthy (thank you Tanna!) and a very good dog. The vet estimated that Bethany is 12-14 months old and probably has reached her adult size with a desirable maximum weight of 50 lbs. Now that she has been spayed and is no longer nursing, her weight is shifting around and she does not look thin. When I was brushing her this morning, I even commented to Rick that Bethany has a "fat roll" around her neck. She is eating like a little piglet and is always eager to go for a walk but, other than that, she rests a lot. I think she is happy to have peace and quiet and security in her life. She came outside with me yesterday when I was gardening and came back in when I took a break. When I went out again, she wanted to stay in. BethanyI could hear her think "I spent plenty of time outside in my life. Now I want to lay on my pillow like a princess".

We are scheduling the invisible fence training for the week after Father's Day. We got her license from the county in the mail yesterday and we are taking her in on Tuesday for her microchip id.

Take Care,

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