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Pet Adoption and Foster Home Application
Please assist us with our adoption matching process. Complete the following questionnaire and email it to
  1. Applicants Name
  2. Full Address
  3. Phone# / Alternate Phone#
  4. Email
  5. ADOPTER APPLICANTS: What is the name and breed (mix) of the companion animal you are applying for? Please include a specific animal or litter name, we cannot process non specific/generic adoption applications. FOSTERS HOME APPLICANTS: If you are applying to Foster, please, list the species-Cat or Dog, size, preferred breeds (or breeds unwilling to foster), ages of animals you might like to foster.
  6. Tell us about yourself and your family members.:
  7. Are small children going to be added to this household?
  8. What pets do you currently have in your household? Are they male or female and are they spayed and neutered?
  9. What is your breed/pet experience?
  10. Tell us about your housing situation.
  11. What type of housing (House, Condo, Apartment, etc)?
  12. Tell us about your yard situation:
  13. Please provide your vet / groomer phone number, if possible, for reference?
  14. Why do you want a pet?
  15. Where will your pet spend it's days and nights?
  16. How many total hours a day would the animal be left alone?
  17. What activity, exercise, and training level are you interested in a pet?
  18. What is your training and care plan for your new family member?
  19. Have you ever had to give up a pet or lost a pet before?
  20. Are you planning on adding additional companion animals to your household in the future?
  21. How did you hear about R.E.D. Alert?

Note: Not all adoption applicants will receive a response due to limited staff if a match is not seen or the animal has been adopted. We reserve the right to refuse any adoption without justification.

All our companion animals are generally in home fostercare. We are by appointment only.

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